Talonbooks, 2016

Winner of the 2014 Jessie Richardson Award for Outstanding Original Script

Inside the Seed is a contemporary version of Oedipus Rex reimagined as a darkly comic political thriller.

Mirroring controversial real-life scientific and corporate controversies, Inside the Seed concerns a startling discovery made by a once-brilliant scientist: a bio-engineered form of rice that could save an overpopulated world on the brink of catastrophic famine. Seed examines how good, smart, well-intentioned individuals are drawn into, and corrupted by, complex institutional systems, be they corporate, military, or governmental.

Inside the Seed has important subject matter wrapped up in a sexy, stylish production.”

Charlebois Post

Inside the Seed is riveting… if you care about the food you eat – or the food this country ships to the Third World – put this one on your menu.”

The Vancouver Courier